Pamper and Chill Kit

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Our Pamper & Chill Kit is everything you need for a wonderful pamper and relaxation time. Perfect as gift for any occasion.   

What pamper treats are in this gift box:

  • Love and Roses Bath Salts  240g
  • Radiant Glow Clay Mask 50g
  • Self Care Planner - 50 Sheets
  • Face Mask Brush
  • Bath Headband
  • Lavender Pack
  • Shh.. Pamper Ongoing Door Sign
  • Instruction Card


Love & Roses Bath Salts

Relax and Unwind with our Love & Roses Bath Salts. Beautifully crafted using a blend of essential oils for an aromatic relaxation time

Radiant Glow Clay Mask 

Mask and chill with our Radiant Glow Clay Mask. 

Face Mask Brush

Mix and apply your Radiant Glow Clay Mask smoothly with this face mask brush. 

Bath Headband

Make your pamper and bath routine feel more special with this headband. It will protect your hair during your pamper session.

Lavender Pouch

Place this pack under your pillow to allow the soothing scent of lavender ease you into sleep

Self Care Planner 

Designed to encourage you to take a break and plan your self care activities and pamper time.

Shh.. Pamper Ongoing Door Sign

Hang on the door handle to ensure your pamper and self care routine goes uninterrupted


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